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I hadn’t tried a hair oil until all the buzz around Morroccan Oil about 2 years ago. My hairdresser used it on me in the salon, and because I knew a lot of people were really singing its praises quite highly at the time, I bought the miniature (£12 still…) straight away.

I really loved it, but when it run out I really couldn’t afford to fork out the £30 for another one, I thought I’d give the V05 Miracle Concentrate Elixir a try, which was a fraction of the price. This just wasn’t to the same standard as Moroccan Oil, and I spilled most of it all over my carpet one day, so I then thought I’d try the Lee Stafford Argan Oil. I don’t quite remember the quality of this one, but what I do remember, was that I went out and bought the full size Moroccan Oil fairly soon afterwards. Needless to say when that bottle ran out, I thought I would try a cheaper alternative, once again. This time it was L’oréal Mythic Oil.

Initially I loved the product and the packaging was gorgeous, it felt really luxurious. The oil itself is a lot thinner than Moroccan Oil and it has a similar musky sort of smell, which I really like.

I use two pumps of this, and when I’ve used more, it never coats the hair it always sinks straight in. It does leave my hair feeling lovely and soft with a definite shine. I think this is really suitable for finer hair, as it seems to provide hold, and it has never made my hair feel greasy.  As much as I do really like this oil in comparison to a lot of the others I’ve tried, I still don’t feel as though It’s as good as Moroccan Oil. I don’t feel as though it is nourishing my hair quite as much. This annoys me a little bit just because I really do want to find a product that is just as good for less. I paid £13.95 for my Mythic Oil from Feel Unique, which I feel is a good price.

Overall opinion? No, I don’t like it as much as Moroccan Oil. Will I switch back to Moroccan Oil? No. I still really like this product and its light enough that it fits in with my hair care routine without weighing my hair down and making it look dull. If you’ve found that the lower end hair oils just haven’t been up to scratch, but don’t want to fork out an entire £30, then I would definitely recommend this.