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I’m Nadine. I’m a 22 year old English Student/Writer from Liverpool/North Wales. Despite Being born in Liverpool, living here now, and having a scouse accent, I consider myself to be Welsh.

I enjoy keeping up with current affairs, television and celebrity gossip. At the moment I am working full time trying to find myself a part time job; this isn’t proving very easy.


I joined twitter 3 years ago. And you know what, it’s changed my life. 

I used to spend so much money on magazines and newspapers, I’d buy the monthly women’s magazines such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire etc, the weekly ones like Look, Grazia and More! Then the trashy celeb ones like Closer, Reveal, OK!, the list could go on (there was also the fortnightly soap magazines, I am obsessed). And this was every week/month without fail! I love celeb gossip but this was a ridiculous amount of money to be spending on feeding my habit! Anyway I joined twitter and after a few months I discovered how I had MUCH quicker access to any celebrity scandal, and I also discovered fashion blogs. Suddenly, there was no need to buy all of these magazines anymore. So why I love twitter #1, it has saved me shit loads of money.

Now for #2. I was updating my CV just today and I put under my interests how keen I am in regards to keeping up with current affairs. It’s really true. This could very well have come with age, but more and more frequently I find myself participating in arguments and debates in university about political affairs etc, using information I have accessed solely through twitter. And I have whooped a few arses to be fair. Has it made me more intelligent, as such? I’m pretty sure it has. I’m quite sure I wouldn’t know a lot of what I do about our country if it weren’t for following news sites and papers through twitter, and the information being so readily available to me. 

The best part about twitter for me is that I follow very few people I know in real life on it. These select few are those who I either love or whose tweets I find highly entertaining. What I don’t see there, like I do over on another social networking site, are morons who can’t spell, girls I went to school with (who I couldn’t stand then) bragging about their perfect little lives, which I hope are very far from, and then the rest of my Facebook friends only ever talk about ‘getting on it’, whatever on earth that means. I sound like a snob here, I’m not, I’m just trying to articulate my feelings that Facebook users stagnate, it appears. I’ve applied for jobs and work experience placements I’ve found through twitter, it’s almost as though it’s a land of opportunity in comparison. 

I love twitter; I love reading what people have to say about an exciting episode of television, I love the banter when a celeb scandal comes out. It makes me feel like part of a community, however tragic that sounds!

There has been so much media coverage this week about the horse DNA being found in several supermarkets’ products. We all agree that this is unacceptable; firstly, we’re being sold something that has been described incorrectly and secondly, equine meat is illegal for human consumption in the UK.


For some time now, eating meat has been something I have felt uncomfortable with. I can’t even really explain why; it is not to do with my love of animals because, other than my own dog, I’m not an animal lover and I completely understand that farming is a business. I just feel inhumane eating meat, it doesn’t feel natural to me any more.

I’m trying to think where this all began. It started out after telling my Mum and her friend that me and my boyfriend had been for a meal, it was Indian or Chinese, and they were joking about it, saying how what I ate wasn’t chicken and that the chef had taken his gun out first thing in the morning and brought back pigeons, or seagulls to cook with. I never actually believed this, it just made me wonder how likely this was. About now things started to change, and for the most part, I wouldn’t eat meat unless I was sure I knew what it was. I have not eaten meat from a Chinese restaurant/takeaway for years. A friend of mine told me about how a few years ago they found the carcass of a dog in the bins of a Chinese restaurant just a few minutes walk away from where I live. I have no idea whether this actually true or not, but I almost felt as though I ‘knew’ that this was going on all along, this was just confirmation.

I’ll very frequently opt for a meat free dish at any restaurant, unless it’s steak which I thought I loved until last week when it just didn’t feel right what I was eating. At home, I never cook meat, I’m on a budget and it’s expensive (unless you’re buying those infamous Tesco burgers…), I don’t trust myself to cook it properly, and finally, I don’t enjoy eating it.

For these reasons, I have decided to go meat free for good. Vegetarians usually really annoy me, especially when they talk about animal cruelty. I’ve got a friend who gave up meat just a couple of years ago solely to lose weight and now she talks about how vile eating meat is, etc. This annoys me no end. 


Despite feeling this way for quite some time now, the horse meat scandal has definitely been the catalyst in my decision. By nature, I’m not very trustworthy, and this has made me think that, in regards to food, TRUST NO ONE.